The Mission of Compass Croatia is to provide cultural navigation with Croatian language, destinations and optimum experiences.

Our Vision is to be being a valued and desirable partner in long-term business relationships, providing exceptional value and experience.

Compass Croatia as an idea originated by Lidija Kosak in 2019. But, with reflection, as early as Lidija can remember, she was curious about experiences and culture beyond her small town of Koprivnica.

Lidija Kosak Headshot for websiteLidija avidly studied tourism in high school and thanks to her “detective” skills, she came across an internet portal where she could act as a Croatian language tutor.

This provided the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and help them by providing the necessary information about our country. Although Compass Croatia clients primarily need or want to learn Croatian, many of them still needed additional information-

  • Which places to visit?
  • Is Croatia a safe country?
  • Where to spend the night?
  • How to fill in documents for visa, citizenship or contracts?
  • How to arrange a tele-operator/internet service provider in Croatia?
  • How to setup utilities for your property in Croatia? (electricity, water, gas, etc)
  • Which insurance company to choose?
  • How to find business associates in Croatia?

Quickly helping to solve these and similar problems, Compass Croatia was born. No matter what part of the world our clients live in, they have trust and confidence in having a reliable partner here, in beautiful Croatia.

If you also need information about Croatia due to private or business projects, this is a perfect place for information you have been searching.

Reach out to us for an initial 30-minute consultation, US$25.00, and we can provide you an affordable solution tailored to your specific needs.

Dobar dan from Compass Croatia!